I want to lose weight… How do I do it?

Weird introduction, right? Well I told you that my posts are not going to be the “not weird, cool” posts. OK. I’ll continue my idea.

They are alot of people who want to lose weight; the majority being women. Why? Because there is the majority women who are models and because models are “beautiful angels” so that’s why women tend to believe that to become a “beautiful angel”, you have to be model. And why are women the majority of being models? I am actually getting bored of this game so I will let you think of the answer. Besides, this isn’t at all important to my subject. OK. Back to topic.

There are so many reasons why people want to lose weight: become popular, if you are thin you get more friends, become more beautiful,etc. I won’t be talking about those things because if that’s your reason of why you want to become thin, then you are the most idiotic person I have ever met. I mean, come on! You are beautiful in the inside and the outside. You won’t get popular just because you are physically thin (ok you might but you won’t get to find more “real friends”). So, if that’s your reason, then get off of your computer and stop wasting your life by complaining! Be happy!

The only reason which I do allow of losing weight is: your health. If you want to lose weight because you want to be healthy, then that’s the SPIRIT! Continue reading to get some tips……(or if you are already bored: please leave my blog because I do not want bored people here)

  1. Don’t eat junk food. I mean seriously, don’t eat junk food. Any candy, sodas, cake, cupcakes, cookies, blah blah: DO NOT EAT IT! When you got this kinda regime, you can OCCASIONALLY eat some for your delight.
  2. To replace the junk food that I told you on number 1 to NOT eat, replace it with fruits. Like if you normally ate a chocolate bar for breakfast, replace it with an apple and a yogurt (good yogurt like bio and if you do not know what a good yogurt is, ask your mother)
  3. Last thing is: Do Not Eat Food When You Are Bored. If you are bored, then go outside or do something to make you not bored. Because you gain weight really fast by eating when you are bored. If you have always something to do then you will totally forget about food!

Those are my tips or ideas of how to lose weight if you ONLY want ot be healthy. Remember any other reasons are not valuable and so you should leave and do something with your life 🙂


P.S. I am sorry if I might have been harsh about the “leave and do something” but I seriously mean it cause it happened to me and I don’t want anybody to have that experience too.


P.S2. I will also try to think of a better nickname for me than “Anonymous” cause that’s probably used like by other 2 million people.



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